Hype days, SPIF days, floor walks

Whatever you call them, you know how pop-up events create a buzz on the sales floor that – if done well – can move mountains. Whether you need to encourage a change in behaviours or support sales, these regular events should be far from ordinary – always a fresh, exciting part of your schedule.

  • Drive sales, create a buzz, improve mindshare

  • Launch a new product with confidence

  • Promote a company and/or brand message

  • Launch a wider, long term incentive programme

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Customised packages

With a fast turnaround and measurable, cost effective value, sales floor events are the perfect opportunity to bring life to your products by educating sales teams. They are ideal as stand-alone events, and can also be used to launch a wider campaign of rewards and incentives or drive the momentum of the programme.

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Services include

  • Marketing collateral and branded giveaways

  • Catering, and prizes awarded for sales

  • On-site events manager to motivate sales teams

  • Activities, e.g. games, lookalikes, themed fun

Looking for inspiration?

There’s so much potential to create something incredible during sales floor days. Discover more ideas about how we can help you create a buzz

Find your inspiration

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  • Sales Floor Days testimonial image

    Now everyone remembers the Acer Team and the Acer product range, with excellent on-going sales results. Distributor sales teams now think Acer first.

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    Terrific day and very much a complete success. I think it went better and made more of an impact than we had imagined with sales.

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    Really pleased with the day, well organised, lots of energy and injection in to the pipeline.


How we deliver sales floor days

An engagement, interaction and communications platform that supports your sales floor events

 We deliver your corporate sales floor events using our bespoke online platform, to which you will have direct access. MyRewards is a flexible engagement and communications tool for managing and promoting your sales floor events –and as it's a white label platform, you can do it all under your own branding too. From your user-friendly dashboard, you can communicate campaign updates and event information to your participants – your channel partners and employees – while they can track their performance and receive constant reminders of their mission to win, all which helps to keep your goals at the front of their minds.

MyRewards is used as part of a Channel, Sales or Customer Loyalty programme. The bespoke platform will include the details of the end of programme event, to engage and motivate the user to want to win that prize.